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Capefoxx has created a hybrid model for cloud (subscription) and used software licensing that is tailored to modern companies’ needs and can help organisations reduce their Microsoft software licensing costs by up to 50%, depending on the chosen version.

Why hybrid?

Recent studies show that less than 30% of organisations working with Microsoft Office applications actually use their latest, most advanced features, so licensing for all latest functionality may not be the most optimal solution.

for your

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Reduce dependency on Microsoft’s pricing policies

Used software licensing as a hybrid combination can stop your dependency on regular Microsoft price increases, as there is no need to keep all licenses under software assurance.
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Reduce licensing costs

Reduce licensing costs for Microsoft’s Office software by up to 50%
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Retain access to Microsoft’s cloud services

Retain access to Microsoft’s cloud services including Yammer, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, OneDrive and Teams.

Hybrid licensing model in numbers

The following graph illustrates the difference in costs between a full Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 (office applications plus online services) subscription and two different hybrid examples for an organisation with 1,000 users over a three-year period.

Scenario 2 vs 1
41% (€ 290.424) savings over 3 years.
Scenario 3 vs 1
51% (€ 363.029) savings over 3 years.
Scenario 4 vs 1
5% (€ 328.469) savings over 3 years.


Licensing all employees’ devices with used Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 licenses and subscribing to Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 (online services only) for all users results in a 51% cost reduction when compared to subscribing to Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 for all users.

If the organisation opts for a licensing mix, where 20% of the users use a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 subscription and the devices for the remaining 800 users are furnished with used Office Professional Plus 2016 license and a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 subscription, a 41% cost reduction can be achieved.

Capefoxx partners with Deloitte, a renowned software auditor, to ensure the highest quality levels of our software licenses.

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