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At Capefoxx, we constantly optimise the way companies buy, use and sell software in Europe. We support our clients throughout the entire software lifecycle with transparent and cost-effective solutions.

Why we buy relicensed software

Relicensed software provides an alternative to high and constantly increasing Microsoft software licensing costs, which happen due to newly added functionality that might not be always needed for your organisation. Achieve cost savings of up to 30% compared to the latest Microsoft version.

Benefits for your Organization


Significantly reduce your company’s IT expenditure by saving up to 70% on software cost for standard Microsoft software older than 2-3 versions

Licenses that suit
your needs

Tailor your licensing purchase to suit your requirements. Get a precise software version for your IT infrastructure, which may be 2 releases below the current Microsoft version.

Freeing yourself from dependencies

Free your organisation from a contractual renewal dependency from Microsoft every year or every third year. Now your organization is in the driving seat and not Microsoft.

Releasing funds for investment

Invest funds saved from purchasing relicensed software in new technology and digitalization of your business.

The Buying Process

The process of buying relicensed software does not differ from acquiring new Microsoft software. Capefoxx can assist you with that process.
Ensure you get the correct products suited for your needs.
Licensee is obliged to provide documentation of where licenses come from, a full license chain and a deletion statement from the previous owner, to ensure they have uninstalled the software.
When acquiring an older version, the license terms might differ from the new software product terms.
Once you sign the offer, make sure the license is transferred to your organisation, along with proper documentation, and not just a key.
Our partner Deloitte provides a conformity statement, validating our licensing documentation and indicating that licenses bought in the relicensed software market are fully compliant with the IP law.

We buy and sell a wide range of products

Capefoxx partners with Deloitte, a renowned software auditor, to ensure the highest quality levels of our software licenses.

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